That’s You!

PlayStation 4
Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

That’s You! is the party game that’s all about you.

Bringing together the best of PS4 and smartphones, the game combines questions about the people in the room with touch-screen drawing, writing and photo activities. The only thing you need to know is each other!

Make Fun

Set off a journey of discovery through ten beautiful locations. Just grab some friends, install the app, hop on your Wi-Fi and away you go, snapping funny selfies along the way. That’s You! supports two-to-six players, offline and online.

Play it Your Way

From rude and crude, to sweet and sincere, the game uniquely tailors itself to fit the personalities of every group. You can even create your own text and picture-based questions using the app, mixing them into the game as you play.


That’s You! works on virtually all phones and tablets.