Knowledge is Power: Decades

PlayStation 4
Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Grab your phone, bring your friends and family together, and have the time of your life as you quiz your way through the decades!

Knowledge is Power: Decades combines the might of PlayStation 4 with the vast gameplay potential of smart devices. Quiz your way through four decades of entertainment and pop culture in this sparkling sequel to 2017’s Knowledge is Power.

Enjoy Touch-Screen Gameplay

To play Knowledge is Power: Decades, simply download the game’s dedicated app to your phone or tablet, iOS or Android, and connect wirelessly to the game running on PS4.

A strong competitive spirit is key to winning Knowledge is Power: Decades as you select Power Plays to bamboozle your opponents while they answer questions. New Power Plays include Disco Inferno, Zippers and Lockdown.

On top of those, there are four new finger-twisting touch-screen Challenges to enjoy: Chain Reaction, Fill The Blanks, Odd One Out and Spin To Win, as well as Sorting and Linking from the original game.

Questions for All Your Friends and Family

The game’s questions encompass a wide range of genres including music, movies, TV, sport, technology, food and drink and more, ensuring that players of all ages will be able to find areas of specialist knowledge and everyone has a chance of claiming victory. And if a category vote isn’t going your way, use your Power Pick to overrule the crowd!

Quiz Your Way Through the Decades!

For the Decades edition of Knowledge is Power, we’ve introduced an all-new roster of characters, each with their own fun augmented reality ‘face mask’ to dress you up in at the start of the game. From Hip Hop Guy and ’80s Gamer Girl to high-tech Internet Guy and Rock Girl, the eight all-new characters in Decades bring retro quizzing gameplay to life.

Knowledge is Power: Decades is out now!

For fans of the original it’s bigger and better than ever, and for new players it’s the best quiz game show on PlayStation. We hope you love it!